I finally succumbed…

…and read it. The cult series everybody has been raving about for years. I read Book 3 when I was 16 and thought ‘What is all the hype about? If I was 8, I would love this. But I’m not. Why are adults reading this??’ and I carried that with me for over a decade. Did. Not. Get. It. Then on a bus journey from Sydney to Palm Beach (aka Summer Bay), my friend’s cousin spent the hour proselytising about it. Laura had me convinced to give it a chance by the end of the bus journey.

However it was over a year later before I gave the audiobooks a go. It’s very pleasant listening to Stephen Fry wittering in one’s ear. Too pleasant. I couldn’t stay awake. So I gave up. I got a Kindle for Christmas, but it was still 6 months later before I started to read them. Then I moved into a new house and lo and behold, there was the whole series gleaming at me from a stuffed bookcase. I had no excuse. I now had them as audio, ‘e’ and physical books.

Last year I started to read Harry Potter. I’ve never seen the films, with the exception of the first one. I didn’t know the ending (I was aware of one major death and a love story). I was explaining this to my classmates recently and I had to laugh at their shock and awe that I could get to this point of life without knowing the story; I was described as ‘this… pure thing’.

All seven Harry Potter books on a bookshelf

The set I ended up reading.

I finished Deathly Hallows a few days ago and was simultaneously elated and distraught. I loved it. I finally know what everyone is on about. Those Harry-Potter-knowledge-offs two old work colleagues would have. The queueing overnight for books. The queueing for films. Finding out what house you’re in (Hufflepuff) and what your patronus is (haven’t done that one yet).

I succumbed much earlier to the wonders of Narnia, His Dark Materials, and Game of Thrones. Love them all. But some ‘cool’ teenage snob inside me held me back from Harry Potter and decided I was above such childish nonsense. I’m really not. Plus, the final books are not childish. I loved the characters, the writing style, the plot. The way things linked up from one book to another. I’m sure I could happily re-read it and view it in a whole new, equally rewarding light. However I’m someone who rarely re-reads books. I just think there’s so little time, and so many books to read, that I can’t spend time RE-reading! I know there are flaws in this reasoning, and plenty of wonderful, valid reasons to re-read titles. Not least of which is my appalling memory for retaining stories. A few years after reading a book, all I will recall is that 1) Yes, I read that and 2) I enjoyed/did not enjoy it. I may not remember the characters names, the setting, the plot points. It makes me quite sad. But I’m hoping the book reviews in this blog will help with remembering.

Having said that, I’m not going to do a review of Harry Potter; I really feel like there’s enough out there on the wizarding world without my gushing input, suffice to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And plan on getting The Cursed Child soon to get another Harry Potter fix, as well as watching all the movies.

Thanks Laura!


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