Scottish Book Trade Conference 2017


Organised by Publishing Scotland and the Booksellers Association, this year the conference, held 22 February 2017, had the highest number of delegates to date with over 200 attendees. Yours truly was attended with a cohort of publishing students and what a day it was! Very interesting and informative. Continue reading


I finally succumbed…

…and read it. The cult series everybody has been raving about for years. I read Book 3 when I was 16 and thought ‘What is all the hype about? If I was 8, I would love this. But I’m not. Why are adults reading this??’ and I carried that with me for over a decade. Did. Not. Get. It. Then on a bus journey from Sydney to Palm Beach (aka Summer Bay), my friend’s cousin spent the hour proselytising about it. Laura had me convinced to give it a chance by the end of the bus journey.

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